Introducing Mirlo

Mirlo is a project of members of Fun Music Place. You can find out more about it on our discord.

Mirlo provides a user-friendly space to help musicians sell music, manage subscriptions, and share with their supporters.

Our mission

The music industry does not work for musicians or listeners and needs a radical re-imagination.

Mirlo is a community of musicians, listeners, and coders who are daring to do just that: taking lessons learned in working in the solidarity economy and applying them to our process and product.

We are building an online audio distribution (think Bandcamp) and patronage (think Patreon) platform that aims to be radical, accessible, open source (free & libre), modular, and standards based.

Behind the platform

Our members have experience working both within Resonate and Ampled, other co-ops across several industries, and complex high-traffic web platforms. We envision this platform as a tool to support musicians in cultivating direct and reciprocal relationships and resources to sustain one another’s creative practice.