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Some Relevant Reading / Research

White Supremacy and Organizational Culture

  • Aorta's Uprooting White Supremacy Training. A number of us have attended this workshop and highly recommend others to do so. Its focus on tackling structurelessness and disempowerment provide insights into what works and doesn't work for organizations that are hoping to build liberated spaces for a diverse group of participants.
  • Dismantling White Culture at Resonate Series. Some of us found our way here from our experiences at Resonate, and participated in this reading series started by community leads at the co-op. The series was a space for discussion and analysis around white culture and white supremacy as it exists in online spaces, its intersection with volunteer culture and volunteerism, and our dominant society's tendency to exclude marginilized groups from decision making processes.

The Music Industry

Streaming And Digital Sales

Whether we like it or not, music streaming is a consumer favorite. But it's not profitable, it's environmentally disastrous, and it's not great for musicians.

Co-ops ("platform" and not).

It's debatable whether there is such a thing as a "platform co-op." There are co-ops, and some of them might produce digital products. Some of them might have multi-stakeholder structures but these models aren't novel to the internet age.

  • The Slow Demise of Loconomics. An interview with the lead developer at Loconomics, giving insights into what worked, what didn't work, and an analysis of why.
  • The Untold Story of Evergreen Cooperatives. Evergreen Cooperatives gets held up as a model of a potential working business model for co-operatives, tying the cooperative structure to "eds and meds" anchor institutions. However, the story of its failure is not as clear cut as its leadership would like you to believe, and has a lot to do with how co-ops are idealized and romanticized.

Art World Etc

Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber's "Another Art World":

Chapter 6: My Studio is the World of Sarah Jaffe's Work Won't Love You Back.